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The Water Keeps on Flowing

This post is a little update on the water and coffee project that we have been working on.

In February I was invited to speak amongst illustrious company for the first Tamper tantrum Live held in the U.K. It took place in Birmingham at what was also the first Superheat format for the UKBC.

Tamper Tantrum is the brain child of Steve Leighton and Colin Harmon.

The format allows the speaker to choose their own topic and they get 20 minutes on stage to present, this is followed by a Q&A session with the audience. The variety of speakers who have taken part and the resulting content is really quite something, I would recommend wandering through the archives and taking a peek at the available presentations.

I took my opportunity on stage to talk about our water project and I really enjoyed the experience.  You can watch the talk here

Myself Chris and Lesley also recently had our first paper from this project accepted in the peer reviewed journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The paper is called The Role of Dissolved Cations in Coffee Extraction and is currently hosted on Chris’s blog here .

This paper is one part of the research we have been doing. We intend to submit more papers and are very excited about the book which will take the form of a users guide to waters’ impact on coffee brewing along with practical information regarding filtration systems.

I really enjoyed working this project into my competition routine this year and cant wait to take it to Rimini in a few weeks.


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WBC 2104 – Rimini in Bath

The great news is that both I and Seb won National coffee competitions which means we will be off to Rimini, Italy to compete in the world competitions early next month. The bad news is that with this and other staff commitments, it means we don’t have the resources to run the shop for the week we are away. Only Jason an Elliot will be home to staff the bar.

Don’t worry though, we have come up with a solution. It’s a pretty cool one which should hopefully be an event in its own right.

As we don’t have the staff to operate the store under normal conditions, we are going to change the operations of the store for the one week. We will be closing off the seating in store and erecting a makeshift bar at the entrance.
The cool bit is that for the duration of the week, the sole offering of the shop will be a mirror image of the drinks myself and Seb are serving in Rimini.

This will mean a batch brew offering of Seb’s brewer’s cup coffee, along with the two different espresso coffees I will be serving in my routine. To complete the mirror image we will also be preparing and serving the signature drink from the routine.

We are pretty excited about it.

This shop “costume change” will start on Saturday the 7th and continue through to the 15th of June.

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